My name is Frederick Xavier Ravin III, and I am proud to represent Durham Public Schools and Durham as a whole as your School Board Member for Consolidated District B. I was raised in Durham, as was most of my family, who began moving here as far back as the ’40s. I love Durham as it represents who I am, where I’m from, and what matters to me.

I was raised by my parents Frederick X. Ravin Jr. and Lois D. Harvin-Ravin, both Veterans of the United States Army.

I am fortunate to be the husband to my wife, Samantha Ravin (NCCU Graduate)

I am the father of three remarkable and exceptional children, Carter (10), Parker Ravin (7), and our new bundle of joy, Emerson (infant). I am also a proud City of Durham employee where I serve the City as the IT Governance & Budget Development manager within the Technology Solutions Department that, helped the City earn 2nd place DigitalCities and Future ReadyAwards

I love Durham as it represents who I am, where I’m from, and what matters to me.

Business Background:

· Alex & Deen Management Group LLC. – Asset Management & Business Solution Consultant

· A.C.T. Productions LLC. – Marketing Management Agency

· BRRB Holdings LLC. – Investment Group

Community Affiliations

· Evolve Mentoring / Wake County My Brothers & My Sisters Keeper’s Initiative

· Durham Special Needs Advisory Council – Executive Committee

· Durham Public Schools – Board of Education

· Ravin Family Foundation Inc.

Human society is based on sharing knowledge that acts as the building blocks for our society. These building blocks represent how each generation is charged with building upon the work of their predecessors. For this reason, it is incumbent for each of us to ensure that we are doing our part. My lifelong initiative is providing FINANCIAL LITERACY support to individuals and groups. Coincidently, there is also an immediate need to train people on DIGITAL LITERACY, which has allowed me even to help educate people on CRYPTO LITERACY. Ultimately, my goal is to broaden the scope of people I can help through various nontraditional platforms. Ultimately, we are the sum of our experiences and the knowledge gained through those experiences.